• Aneeyat Gardezi

Your WFH Style Guide: Working From home while Looking Like The Boss That You Are!

The year 2020 has brought along a lot of worldwide changes but the biggest and most noticeable one has been remote working or “WFH” (a.k.a “work from home”). A lot of us out there are spending every single day facing our laptops or desktop screens from the comfort of our own home. While this happens, it’s becoming easier to ignore all those stylish pieces in your wardrobe and all your favourite outfits because there’s no one around us physically and it’s just us and our screens.

But, remote working doesn’t necessarily have to mean the total abandonment of your favourite styles or office fashion. This is the guide that will walk you through how to look fashionable, chic, and like the boss of your own home for all those zoom calls, virtual meetings, and hours you spend at your work desk.

The Power Blazer

Dressing up for a day of remote work can feel like a task but the best way to get into that peak productivity zone is by self-care and dressing up a little bit. Even in these cold winter months, you can throw on a jumper or a sweater and start work. A great addition to this quick outfit would be a blazer.

Oversized blazers are very “in” these days especially amongst remote employees who have to go through numerous video calls in a day. Investing in an oversized blazer for your virtual meetings would be a great step in upgrading your WFH wardrobe.

My style tips here: Pair a pastel oversized blazer, or a fitted one, with a black turtleneck jumper or even a white/cream one. This will instantly lift your look and show that you mean business the moment that virtual call starts.

Break out all your summer dresses again too! Wear these under a blazer, stay warm, but create a gorgeous WFH outfit out of it.

That statement pair of earrings

A busy morning filled with virtual meetings and not a lot of time for prepping your outfit for the day? Focus on your jewellery then! Bring the focus by pairing your top with a pair of statement earrings. This is totally dependant on your style! Whether you would go for a pair of hoops or a statement pair of chunky pearl earrings. Add a pop of chic and colour to your remote office outfit. The trick here is to focus on everything on your upper body and to bring more focus to your face during a virtual call.

Prints, prints, and more prints

If we’re going to talk about grabbing attention and really sealing a strong look, the best addition to your home office wardrobe would be a statement animal-print shirt or dress. With an animal print, you can opt-in for lowkey jewellery. You may be on your own in your home office “bubble” but this shouldn't be the barrier to exploring your wilder side of fashion. Animal prints can also be so versatile and you could pair this with a black blazer.

My style tips here: Pair a zebra print t-shirt with a black blazer for a more minimal, but edgy look!


It’s a cold, snowy winter. Staying warm during home office days is important but can also be a chance for making the smaller fashion statements. For the days when your heating is on high but you’re also not in the mood for a turtleneck, keep your neck bare and go for a neck scarf. This can look chicer than a necklace, choker, or a turtleneck jumper.

Working from home can also mean a rushed morning routine and little time to focus on your hair. Skip the bad hair day and tie a printed scarf around your hair or ponytail for a pop of colour to your virtual calls and a bit of style to an otherwise plain ponytail or bun.

My style tips here: Headscarves can be perfect DIY neck scarves too! Go for a printed neck scarf and pair this with a v-necked plain white jumper or a black one. Neck scarves are the smallest but very easy fashion statement to add into your WFH wardrobe.

Your WFH fashion journey has just begun!

Whether you work remotely every single day, or whether its for a short while, you have every chance to style your wardrobe and embrace your favourite outfits. Being virtual and working remotely doesn’t mean that your outfits matter any less, its still a chance for you to wear what you love. With this style guide, you might be able to add a few quick tweaks to your everyday WFH wardrobe and get the confidence boost you need. Clothes are a form of self-care especially during a tough period like this and it's never too late to style up and feel good while you work remotely!

Images from Instagram: @naomigeorgeo // @palomawool // @anne.manns // @isabellecoheen // @s___dang // @femestella